Business Start-Ups

Family Office List offers unparalleled access to data for family offices everywhere. Business start-ups can benefit by connecting with noteworthy managers and professionals in the family office industry, an industry with nearly bottomless wealth and an appetite for opportunity.

Family Office Lists for Business Start-Ups

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Entrepreneurs are worried about raising capital in the initial stages of their business, remaining relevant in an ever-changing, rapid world, and developing sustainability for the long term. Family Office List, in many ways, can help with each of those issues by connecting start-ups with private wealth, allowing entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a variety of investors and offices, and giving them continued access to allow them to develop relationships. 

Raise Capital Without Crowdsourcing

Despite the occasional success story, crowdsourcing is often scattershot and ineffective. Many entrepreneurs are averse to asking their friends and family for a handout, or even equity in a venture that’s difficult to explain to those outside of their industry. It’s easier to raise capital with just a few investors, and contacting family offices to pitch your idea to the right party (one who’s already interested in the type of business you’re starting) can get those investors on your team, kickstarting your start-up. The family office sector is especially appealing for business start-ups because the families are all business savvy already and can offer their own expertise and access to a network of trusted advisors.

Branch Out with Many Different Family Office Categories

The average entrepreneur doesn’t limit themselves to just one venture. They chase the long-tail, starting many businesses across a variety of industries in the hope that one sticks, generating interest and demand in a way that offsets the others. By accessing our lists, you can pitch to any number of industries and leverage the data over time when needed. 

Access Accurate Data Every Time 

At Family Office List, we relentlessly update our data, ensuring its accuracy and relevance. If you manage to find any contact information that doesn’t match up with who we claim it should match up to, we’ll provide a per contract refund. 

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? You can focus not just on pitching one idea to one family office, but also develop relationships with the type of investor who’s interested in devoting significant capital to start-ups. 

Due to our years of dedicated relationship building, we can identify a family office’s investment preferences, including how they structure deals, the amount they are looking to invest, their region, and their industry so your targeted outreach is efficient.

A Variety of Family Office Lists for Wide Geographic Locations

Family Office List offers three different lists for potential clients: a Global, North America, and International List. The Global List is great for entrepreneurs aiming to build a business anywhere in the world (or expanding to that level). Our North America List is great for those who live in the USA and Canada, as the contacts in the list are limited to those areas. Finally, our International List excludes the North America List from the Global List, and it’s the best option for those looking to do business outside of the USA.


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