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Family Office Lists for Private Equity & Venture Capital

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Family offices are a great source of capital for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, assisting them with securing funds for any enterprise: safe or risky, traditional or philanthropic. Using the up-to-date information and search tools included in our products, private equity professionals can establish an effective network of potential investors and prime their projects for success.

Raise Capital Efficiently and Establish Relationships with Family Office Lists

Whether you’re a private equity firm or a venture capitalist, there’s one goal that virtually everyone shares: the desire for capital. Family Office List helps you to contact experienced, interested investors so that you can raise capital as easily as possible for your business or businesses.

In addition to being a significant source of capital, a family office can also offer valuable contacts and helpful business advice as many are successful business owners themselves. Once a relationship is established with a family office, it is likely to reinvest and help with future business funding.

Discover Young Companies Needing Significant Capital

Private equity firms and venture capitalists are used to working with companies that aren’t yet publicly traded. Even with trailblazing mission statements and impeccable execution, these young companies need significant capital in order to compete with larger, more established businesses. Together with Family Office List, individuals and firms in this industry can set themselves up to connect with some of the most influential capital sources in the world, allowing both parties to mutually benefit.

Save Time With Accurate Data

At Family Office List, we make it our goal to keep all of our information accurate and recent. Venture capitalists and private equity firms are well-known for working long hours. When your time is limited, you don’t want to waste any of it by contacting potential investors who aren’t even remotely interested in your investment’s field. We make that easier by sorting our family offices into specific industries, geographic locations, preferred deal structures (such as Private Equity or Venture Capital) and more.

Narrow Down Clients Capable and Willing to Take on Risk

Some family offices are more willing to explore alternative investments and uncertain start-ups, making them a great option for venture capital and private equity. When you’re in venture capital, it can be a headache to go back and forth with investors who expect a distribution schedule that’s nearly impossible for the industry. Family offices typically set aside a portion of their available funds specifically for high-risk ventures, making them a perfect source.

Find Which List is Best for You: Global, North America and International Lists

We offer three different packages for professionals in different locations. For people doing business strictly in the USA and Canada, our North America List is perfect — but if you’re looking to source capital outside of those areas, the Global List covers every one of our contacts across the world. Meanwhile, if you only do business outside of North America, our International List is the go-to.


Contacts worldwide

North America

USA & Canadian contacts


Contacts worldwide excluding USA

Access All Family Office List Classifications

Family Office List includes a variety of offices associated with family offices in our definition of the term, including: 

  • Single family office
  • Multi family office (a group of several single family offices)
  • Select family foundations (family controlled)
  • Select family trusts
  • Multi family office where registered investment advisors (wealth managers) manage multi family investments

Each of these types falls under the umbrella term of “family office,” offering the same services to the same clientele, and any one of them might be interested in your investment.

This way, you can get the best that family offices have to offer while remaining exposed to a broad network of potential investors. With most lists and investments, you only need a few investors to get onboard in order to make the project a massive success.

Why Family Office List

We aim to provide our customers with recent, accurate information and 24/7 customer service. Our support team is on standby to make sure that any issues you have with our data are quickly resolved.

In addition, our filter tools sort through all of our contacts to match you up with those best suited for your needs. This not only saves our contacts time, but it saves you time, as well. For example, if an investor has no interest in environmental start-ups, it’s going to be next-to-impossible to contact them about a sustainable coffee company.

For Over Twenty Years, We’ve Been Noting What Works and What Doesn’t

We want to set you up for success. Over the course of our twenty years in this industry, we’ve been watching our clients reach out to family offices in a myriad of ways, giving us insight on what they’re most receptive to and what falls flat. If you want your fundraising efforts to succeed, make sure to find out how to use our lists.