About Family Office List

Who are we?

Family Office List was founded in 2001 as a tool to help professionals raise capital in an efficient cost-effective manner. Our founder, Douglas Fathers, manages several financial services companies providing tools to accelerate fundraising efforts. Database management requires meticulous upkeep and therefore our research team, based out of the Carolinas, works daily to ensure accuracy. We’ve been forging relationships within the Family Office Industry for over 22 years to engage and understand investment objectives. The contacts within our database are aware of their inclusion and are removed upon request. Techniques for building and maintaining the data include:

  • Attending industry conferences as pandemic regulations allow
  • Completing line-by-line contact checks
  • Utilizing APIs to test the telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Conducting our own email campaigns quarterly to experience the data firsthand 
  • Hours of direct outreach via phone calls and LinkedIn messaging
  • Access to exclusive virtual groups founded by Family Offices to share investment objectives
  • Money-back guarantee incentivizes customers to collaborate if data is problematic so our researchers can provide timely & transparent updates for everyone’s benefit.

And finally, we incentivize customers through our risk-free guarantee to let us know if they find outdated information. This way we can update it for them and make the database stronger for everyone’s benefit. 

Our databases

Our databases are created first-hand and meticulously maintained by our research team. Our team attends many industry conferences and events worldwide to meet with investors and understand what their investment objectives are. Since database management is a continuous process, we actively research, refine and update our investor profiles and database contacts on a daily basis.

Our data is a true asset to clients and is designed with the intent to:

  • Improve capital raising and increase client funding abilities
  • Save time and money from the traditional capital acquisition process
  • Provide institutional-level resources to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers
  • Contribute to our client’s successes

Because our database was designed as a tool to raise capital and reach UHNW Family Office Investors, we have defined the term “Family Office” to encompass several groups including:

  • Single family offices
  • Multi family offices
  • Family foundations
  • Family trusts
  • Asset management (Multi family office where registered investment advisors manage multi family investments)

We include under the “Support” tab, a page providing detailed descriptions of each of the family groups above to help guide you in your research.

Our commitment & Risk-Free Guarantee

Our mission is to create a premium Family Office Platform to help clients reach a sophisticated audience in an efficient manner. Our core focus is on the accuracy of our data, which is easily navigated throughout a robust yet easy-to-use platform.

Our research team works daily to ensure the accuracy of our data. Customers have access to ongoing updates through the platform at no additional cost for 12 months. We guarantee that the listing is a Family Office and that the contact information is up-to-date and accurate. A time stamp feature provides transparency for when contacts were last updated. Our platform enables customers to flag problematic data so our team can efficiently update the information for everyone’s benefit. If the information cannot be updated, we will provide a full refund per contact.