Industries We Serve

Our investor database attracts many companies looking for premium grade lists of diverse institutional and private investors. Many of our clients use these lists to raise capital in the early to mid stages. Through more targeted lists, the lengthy fundraising process can be reduced. Our C-level contacts are ideal for service providers who find it hard to reach decision-makers. 

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Family Office List is perfect for private equity and venture capital investors looking to gather capital from different investors to purchase a stake in the up-and-coming businesses of tomorrow.

Business Start-Ups

Starting a company is never easy, and neither is raising capital for that company. We help entrepreneurs and start-ups find investors whose interests align with their own.

Fund Managers

Fund managers are responsible for overseeing an investment firm’s plans and making sure that they become a reality. Oftentimes, those plans involve raising large amounts of money from interested parties, and we help connect you to those people.

Luxury Service Providers

The families wealthy enough to desire family offices also often desire high-class, luxury services. Family offices don’t just manage the money for these families, but they also help them spend it. Luxury service providers are perfect potential clients for Family Office List.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors educate and counsel individuals as well as finance professionals, and Family Office Lists helps connect them with all different types of clients.

3rd Party Marketers

Third-party marketers connect with hedge fund managers to help them raise funds. They can also connect with the family offices in our list to help come up with those funds, thus servicing the hedge fund managers.


Broker-dealers are essentially fund managers for derivatives and securities — but we organize our lists specifically to help them connect with family offices who are interested in trading derivatives and securities, helping them build a wide network.

Private Wealth Managers

Many family offices are looking for private wealth managers to help their clients oversee decisions and develop proper strategies. We help wealth managers connect with those family offices.


Co-investors often have a stake in a company but practice a hands-off approach when it comes to the day-to-day. For family offices that appreciate this approach, co-investment is a great strategy. 

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the biggest wealth-builders in the world. Naturally, family offices are interested in real estate investments. We help you connect investors and real estate opportunities worldwide with our comprehensive lists. 

Hedge Funds & Asset Managers

Hedge fund managers use complex trading strategies to outperform the stock market, something that everyone is interested in. Our lists help these managers raise money.

Investment Banks

Investment banks deal with complex financial scenarios, including leveraged financing for mergers and acquisitions. Some deals require more capital from outside sources in order to close — one of those outside sources could be a family office.

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Private Companies 

Private companies can use Family Office List to find potential investors for any business or non-profit.

Exceptional Data That Works for You

Family Office List has organized a definitive database of family offices, constantly pruning and updating to make sure all of the information stays accurate. Using our built-in search features and filter tools, you can sort by industry, size, location, and even preferred structure. With the simplicity of this platform, you won’t have to waste time wondering who you should attempt to reach out to. We make that part easy so that you can reach your goals faster.

Why Family Office List

Family Office List is one of the most trusted names in the family office sector. We provide 24/7 support to make sure that our clients stay satisfied. Our goal is to help clients connect with family offices to raise capital, achieve fundraising efforts, and build long-lasting relationships.

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