How BARNES New York Expanded into New Markets with Family Office List

luxury real estate opportunity

BARNES New York tapped into the products and services offered by Family Office List, targeting high-end clientele interested in luxury real estate. While BARNES was well-established in France, Switzerland and other European markets, opportunities in new markets were needed to continue the growth of the business and its brand. New family offices were introduced to BARNES through the Family Office List’s database, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Successful Outcomes

  • Reduction in cost-per-lead and other marketing expenses
  • Increase in sales conversion rates and sales revenue
  • Increased office efficiency and productivity without increased headcount

“I started putting in place a more proactive strategy, and as the first step, I acquired (Family Office List) solutions to get a better understanding of the landscape.”

—Yann Rousseau, Managing Director of BARNES New York

The Client: BARNES New York

The BARNES Group, and BARNES International Realty, include an integrated network of 100 agencies located in over 20 countries. The company focuses on luxury real estate in the world’s top destinations, leveraging its well-known real estate brokerage to network with buyers and property owners. Services offered by BARNES include exclusive property sales, private offices, investment realty, life annuities, property management, renovations and interior design. Much of the company’s business comes from family offices.

The Problem: How to Expand to New Markets

BARNES is well-established in France, Switzerland and in other European markets. The company wanted to expand its reach into new markets cost-effectively and efficiently. Finding new family offices with sufficient disposable income, or investment funds, presented a challenge.

The Need: High-Quality Global Leads

To connect with clients in new countries and markets, BARNES needed a vetted list of family offices to use as leads. This database of offices needed to be comprehensive and up-to-date, so that new clients could continually be identified. Since the majority of BARNES’ clientele includes family offices, Family Office List seemed the ideal solution. For BARNES to expand its business and gain brand recognition in new countries, a service provider with target market data was needed.

The Solution: A List of Global Family Offices

BARNES purchased access to the global platform and went through the list, targeting countries where family offices were not previously known. Leveraging this global list and exporting the data to Excel for distribution to agents allowed BARNES to identify potential leads and new clientele. It also made it easier for BARNES to match agents with new clientele based on language and other preferences. Notably BARNES operates natively in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese and Arabic. Given that the Family Office List’s data is continuously updated, it provides an ongoing source of potential leads.

The Result: New Relationships with Luxury Real Estate Investors

BARNES was successful in identifying new luxury real estate clientele in previously unexplored markets around the globe, giving the company an edge over its competition. It allowed for expansion of the business and its brand in an efficient manner while improving performance metrics across the business.

BARNES’ cost-per-lead and similar marketing costs decreased as a result of the condensed and well-screened family office list. Similarly, sales conversion rates improved as did sales revenue, because agents could focus on the right target market. The overall productivity of the business improved without additional headcount.

In Summary

BARNES New York is expanding its luxury real estate brokerage into new markets and is looking to serve family office clientele. BARNES is succeeding in its endeavors by leveraging Family Office List for target market data. The potential client list provided to BARNES served as the catalyst for new introductions, networking and business opportunities. This included the sale of residential and commercial properties, allowing BARNES’ personnel to draw on a wide spectrum of skills and connections to satisfy customer requirements.

To learn more about Family Office List and the benefit of working with family offices for luxury real estate transactions, please contact us today. Having a well-researched and updated prospective client list gives service providers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.