How LivBrook Capital Jumpstarted Its Networking

LivBrook Capital is an apartment multifamily investment company that focuses on delivering value to investors by elevating communities across the Sunbelt States.

We sat down with Matt Wilson, Founder, and David Harrison, Managing Partner, to discuss how Family Office List has helped them expand their network, bringing them closer to achieving their fundraising goals.

Positive Outcomes

  • Family Office List helped LivBrook connect with family offices in North America, creating targeted lists of exactly the type of family office that might be interested in what LivBrook has to offer.
  • In contacting those offices, LivBrook learned more about perfecting their approach, ensuring that they have an offering memorandum and an active investment that needs funding.
  • LivBrook’s community-focused strategy makes them an attractive option for many family offices, something they’re poised to capitalize on in the near future.

“[With Family Office List,] you don’t have to really do a lot of research to connect with family offices. We have their email or LinkedIn or name or address or phone number, what their goals are. So I mean, that takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the way.”

David Harrison, Partner

LivBrook: An Apartment Investment Company Focused on Profit through Positive Community Engagement

LivBrook acquires properties with a focus on improving and learning from the local community. Their target market spans across the Sun Belt to Florida.

“There’s a high correlation between providing a resident focused community and retention rates. This symbiotic relationship is what drives Livbrook’s investment strategy’s and creates socially minded return profile for investors,” says Wilson.

In this vein, LivBrook has a social focus that aligns with many family offices’ core values.

While great returns are always an important piece of the puzzle, many investors are beginning to emphasize those investments’ social and environmental impact.

LivBrook hopes to lift communities and people through profitable, value-add investing, creating a positive feedback loop.

“We’re not just income-driven, and we’re not just return-based, just like family offices. Family offices have ethical concerns just like us. We want to do business with good people for good reasons,” says Harrison.

The Opportunity: Expand Their Network To Go Beyond Mid-Level Investments

LivBrook wanted access to family offices in order to build more capital so that they could focus on bigger investments. That’s why they initially partnered with Family Office List: to focus on capital outreach.

“We previously worked with private high net worth individuals and institutional partners. We hadn’t really tapped into the family office space prior. Family Office List allowed for us to expand our capital network.” says Harrison.

With this goal in mind, LivBrook set out to find family offices specifically interested in real estate.

They found that Family Office List’s filter feature helped them narrow in on exactly what they were looking for – and it even helped them gather personal information to craft a perfect pitch.

“I really like that you get information on what they do, what they focus on, and what their philanthropy goals are. And then when they’re not working, how they like to spend their free time, if they like to ski or if they like to sail or hike. It’s nice to be able to have that connection instead of going in blind,” says Harrison.

Danielle, the Director of Family Office List, even helped them narrow down their list to only include family offices interested in investing in real estate, personalizing the data just for them.

The Result: From Perfecting their Pitch & Outreach

LivBrook is using Family Office List to help fund current projects. As they started talking to family offices, they realized something: In addition to general networking, they also needed to be able to offer the offices a current investment.

“What a lot of them seem to have said is, ‘What do you have for me now?” says Harrison.

In addition to using lists to build long-term relationships, LivBrook also used lists to find immediate funding from family offices ready to invest. LivBrook has the capabilities to quickly drill down and target family offices that match in terms of industry or interest

Family Office List helped them get their foot in the door, and they’ve built on the momentum from that initial introduction.

All in all, Family Office List is helping LivBrook find more potential investors. Now that the relationships have been established and the trust is there, raising capital when an active opportunity presents itself will be much easier.

The future value of these relationships is that family offices offer patient capital and reinvest with those they trust. They will be great assets in executing LivBrook’s plan to acquire more properties and build better communities.

If you are a family office and you are currently interested in investing with LivBrook – or you’d like to be contacted about other similar opportunities for assets that fit your portfolio, feel free to reach out to us.