Family Office List Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates your lists from your competitors?

We offer the most robust, up-to-date and affordable database. Our core focus is on providing the highest quality data for our customers while simultaneously offering value to the Family Offices within our network who desire well-suited deal flow. Customers benefit from the direct outreach efforts our team has conducted for over 19 years. And gain access to the wide network of decision-makers within the Family Office sector. We do not try to be all things to our clients and push additional information, subscriptions or marketing services. We are happy to start customers with packages that suit current needs and upgrade over time as needed.

Do you guarantee the quality?

Absolutely! Quality service and customer retention is of utmost importance so we invest the time to properly maintain the data for our clients. If you find any of the information to be problematic, we update the information for you. If the information cannot be updated in a timely manner, we provide a full refund per-contact. We work together with customers, to ensure the highest quality for everyone’s benefit. After all, the data is the core of our business.

What information is provided in the lists?

Family offices can be very secretive, and therefore full information is not always available. While many profiles are complete, not all the details below are fully populated. With ever-changing markets, some Family Offices don’t want to get pigeonholed for only investing in certain areas and prefer to remain agnostic and open to emerging opportunities. It is our goal with the development of our platform to engage the Family Offices within our network to better understand their investment objectives. With these valuable details, we can better connect clients to well-suited Family Office partners.

The contacts within our lists are classified and include the following:

  • Name of Family Office
  • 1-3 High-Level Contacts Listed per Firm with Titles
  • Direct Phone & Email: 99%
  • LinkedIn: 90%
  • Website: 95%
  • Address: Country, City, State, & Zip
  • Company Description: 100%
  • AUM: 30% 
  • Deal Structure Preference: 60%
  • Typical Deal Size: 60%
  • Industry Sector: 60%
  • Desired Geography: 60%

What format is the list provided in? Can it be modified?

Our platform packages allow customers access to the data at anytime from anywhere. Targeted lists or the full data set can be to Excel (.xlsx) format from within the platform so the data can be further appended to improve your direct marketing and email campaigns. Our Excel packages can only be accessed through Excel but can be filtered, sorted and modified to meet your marketing requirements.

Do you provide refunds if we don’t raise capital?

We do not provide refunds if you are unable to raise capital. Once our list has been purchased and delivered, we cannot provide a refund. We do however encourage customers to learn from our experience and offer guidance based on our outreach efforts under the support tab. We also have many customers who have successfully raised capital utilizing our database and have shared their insights here.

How often is the data updated?

The size and scope of detail provided through our database requires daily maintenance. It is conducted manually through direct outreach. Live-time updates are available at no additional cost to platform subscribers for 12 months. There’s a time stamp associated with each contact so customers can easily identify updates and additions.

Can I continue to receive updates?

Customers who purchased a platform package can renew access after their 12-month subscription has expired for $300 a year.

Can I upgrade my account?

All customers can upgrade to larger packages by applying prior purchase costs. Customers who purchased an Excel package can receive updates by upgrading to the platform at any time for $300.

If I place an order for a list or database of lists, how will I receive it?

Once payment has been made, you will have automatic access to the data through our cloud-based platform. Once a user account is created, you can log into your account for 12 months to view the data through the platform and/or download the lists to Excel format. If you selected an excel package, an automatic download will be initiated once payment is complete & you will also receive an email with a download link

Can I update my account contact info?

Yes, you can login to your account and update your information, such as your email address and password under profile settings and update billing details and plan subscriptions under account details.

Are there discounts for purchasing more than one list?

Yes, we do provide discounts for multiple list purchases. You’ll receive a 10% discount for a purchase of 2 lists and a 15% discount for a purchase of 3 or more.

How do I use a discount code?

If you’ve received a discount code, it can be entered during the checkout process from within the platform.

  • Register to the platform here.
  • Select the Family Office list you wish to purchase.
  • Click green button under the image that says “buy now”.
  • Then enter the Coupon Code in the box provided under your cart summary.
  • Enter the code and click apply.

Can I customize a more targeted list?

Absolutely! Our team is willing to customize a list to suit your needs. Customizations start at $200 and typically result in a higher-cost per lead, but often save clients with a narrow scope. In our experience, we don’t recommend targeting too narrow of an audience since not all the contacts have provided investment preference criteria and you may be overlooking potential leads.