Frequently asked questions

What format is the list provided in? Can it be modified?

Our lists are accessible at anytime from anywhere through our cloud-based platform. The data can be exported to Excel (.xlsx) format so the data can be further appended to improve your direct marketing and email campaigns.

Do you guarantee the quality of the list?

Yes, we strive for quality and service and invest the time to maintain lists for our clients. We provide free updates for 12 months after your purchase. If you find outdated information we will attempt to update the information for you, if the information cannot be updated we will provide a full refund per-contact. We work together with our customers, in a community model, to provide the highest quality database available.

What information is provided in the lists?

Family offices are very secretive, and therefore full information is not always available. While many profiles are complete, not all of the information for the above categories can be found for ALL of the offices in our database. Information on AUM and investment preferences can be difficult to find, and as such, is a less complete portion of our database. With ever-changing markets, Family Offices don’t want to get pigeonholed for only investing in certain areas and prefer to remain open to emerging opportunities.

The contacts within our lists are classified and include the following:

  • Name of Family Office
  • Contacts’ Associated Job Titles: All C-level decision-makers
  • Direct Contact Phone Numbers & Email Address: 99% of the contacts
  • LinkedIn Profile: 87% of the contacts
  • Website URL of the Family Office: 94% of the contacts
  • Family Office Address including Country, City, State, or Zip Code: Filterable for easy targeting
  • Company Description
  • Transaction Type/Size: 18% of the contacts 
  • Industry Group & Sub-Industry Based on Global Industry Standards: 28% of the contacts 
  • Desired Geography: 12% of the contacts

Do you provide refunds if we don’t raise capital?

We do not provide refunds if you are unable to raise capital. Once our list has been purchased and delivered, we can not provide a refund.

Do you provide updates for the lists?

Yes, we update our data daily & provide access through our cloud-based platform free of charge for a year after your initial purchase. You may elect to continue receiving access to the platform  thereafter for just $200 a year. That’s a tremendous value given all the platform enhancements and updates you’ll receive!

What differentiates your lists from everyone else’s?

OurOur core focus is on providing the highest quality data for our customers. We do not try to be all things to our clients and push additional information, subscriptions or marketing services. Competitors packages often encompass “bells and whistles” that come at a cost. We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need. We offer the most up-to-date data at a price you can afford.We are happy to customize lists and target criteria to meet specific marketing needs. We listen to customer’s desires and grow our platform based on customers needs.

If I place an order for a list or database of lists, how will I receive it?

Once payment has been made, you will automatically receive an email with instructions to access your list(s) through our cloud-based platform. Once a user account is created, you can log into your account at anytime to download the lists to Excel format.

Can I update my account contact info?

Yes, you can login to your account and update your information, such as your email address and password.

Are there discounts for purchasing more than one list?

Yes, we do provide discounts for multiple list purchases. You’ll receive a 10% discount for a purchase of 2 lists and a 15% discount for a purchase of 3 or more.

How do I use a discount coupon?

If you’ve received a discount code, it can be entered during the checkout process.

  • Select the Family Office list you wish to purchase.
  • Click green button under the image that says “add to cart”.
  • Then click the green button on the right that says “checkout”.
  • Just above the credit card image click where it says “Have a discount code? Click to enter it – click on “Click to enter it”.
  • Enter the code and click apply.
  • Complete the process. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with a downlink to download the family office list in excel.

Can I customize a more targeted list?

Our team is willing to customize a list to suite your needs. In our experience however, we’ve don’t recommend targeting too narrow of an audience since Family Offices are rethinking the way they operate and more open to direct investments. With ever-changing markets, Family Offices are more open than ever to emerging opportunities.