About Our Lists

Our database was designed as a tool to raise capital and reach UHNW Family Office Investors. Our clients get invaluable information at their fingertips for over 5,758 decision-makers from 3,002 individual Family Office Firms with collective AUM well over $4 Trillion – all updated daily and available in live-time through our cloud-based platform.

Our goal as we further develop our platform is to engage the Family Offices within our network to better understand their investment objectives. With these valuable details, we can better connect affluent Family Offices with our clients’ well-suited deal flow.

The Term “Family Office” Encompasses Several Groups, Including:

  • Single family office
  • Multi family office (a group of several single family offices)
  • Select family foundations (family controlled)
  • Select family trusts
  • Multi family office where registered investment advisors (wealth managers) manage multi family investments

We include under the “Support” tab, a page providing detailed descriptions of each of the family groups above to help guide you in your research.

When purchasing any list you should never expect that 100% of the list will be up-today or that all the contacts will become your customer. Purchasing a list is an investment and your focus is closing customers to recoup your investment and increase your revenue. Most times you will only need a few customers to make it a successful list.

Our lists are created utilizing various sources and are meticulously maintained by our research team. In the absence of in-person conferences, our team has joined many virtual groups and actively attends many virtual industry conferences and webinars worldwide to meet with investors and understand what their investment objectives are.

As database management is a continuous process, we actively research, update and refine the database on a daily basis. We utilize APIs to test the telephone numbers and the email address — plus we email the family offices quarterly to better understand their investment objectives.

Our commitment & Risk-Free Guarantee

Our mission is to create a premium Family Office Platform to help clients reach a sophisticated audience in an efficient manner. Our core focus is on the accuracy of our data, which is easily navigated through our robust yet easy to use platform.

Our research team works daily to ensure the accuracy of our data. Customers have access to ongoing updates through the platform at no additional costs for 12 months. We guarantee that the listing is a Family Office and that the contact information is up-to-date and accurate. A time stamp feature provides transparency for when contacts were last updated. Our platform enables customers to flag problematic data so our team can efficiently update the information for everyone’s benefit. If the information cannot be updated, we will provide a full refund per contact.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our investor database attracts many companies looking for premium grade lists of diverse institutional and private investors. Many of our clients use these lists to raise capital in the early to mid-stages. Through more targeted lists, the lengthy fund raising process can be reduced. Our C-level contacts are ideal for service providers who find it hard to reach decision-makers. Our sophisticated client base includes:

  • Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Managers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Third-Party Marketers
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Business Start-ups
  • Public Companies
  • Luxury Service Providers
  • Co-investors