About Our Lists

About Our Family Office Lists

Our database contains valuable information from over 4,200 family office firms, representing 7,750 individual decision-makers. These family office firms have a collective AUM of well over $10 trillion, making them an indispensable resource for raising capital, as well as contacting today’s ultra-high-net-worth family office investors.

Our family office lists are a true asset to clients. They are designed with the intent to help our clients:

  • Improve their ability to raise capital and increase client funding 
  • Save time and money over the traditional capital acquisition process
  • Provide institutional-level resources to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers
  • Contribute to our clients’ success

Using the information we gather from the family offices in our network, we will be better poised to connect affluent family offices to our clients’ unique goals and objectives.


Family Office List Products

We offer a variety of different lists to support your fundraising efforts throughout the world. Each of our lists contains fast, reliable and accurate family office data. Want to get a feel for the data our lists provide? Download a free sample spreadsheet to see for yourself by filling out the form in the lefthand menu.


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Features of Our Family Office Lists

Our lists are created utilizing various sources and are meticulously maintained by our research team. In the absence of in-person conferences, our team has joined many virtual groups and actively attends many virtual industry conferences and webinars worldwide to meet with investors and understand what their investment objectives are. 

As database management is a continuous process, we actively research, update and refine the database on a daily basis. We utilize APIs to test the telephone numbers and the email address — plus we email the family offices quarterly to better understand their investment objectives. 

Robust Filtering Capabilities

Our filters make it easy to refine our family office lists down to a targeted group that are closely aligned with your investment strategy, values or industry. Filter by:

  • Newly added family offices
  • Newly updated family offices
  • Family office type (e.g. single family only)
  • Preferred structure
  • Preferred industry  
  • Family office size
  • Investment size 
  • Location

Detailed Family Office Information

Developing relationships with potential family office investors start by researching the family office and its key players. Our lists help clients being their research  and improve their pitch by providing important family office information, such as: 

  • Family name
  • Origin of wealth
  • Direct phone, address and email 
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Assets under management
  • Investment preferences
  • Website
  • Company description

Reliable & Accurate Databases 

Accuracy is our primary goal. Our research team creates and maintains our database of family offices and the technology of our platform delivers it in a transparent and efficient manner. 

By engaging with these investors directly through our outreach, ZOOM calls, conferences, and events, our research team can better understand their financial goals and objectives. This means that we can continually refine and update our database to provide accurate investor profiles and contacts. 

The data is updated on a daily basis, monitored by a time stamp to ensure that every contact on our list has been verified every 4-months. We validate emails every month and provide a money-back guarantee encouraging clients to speak up if anything is problematic so we can make updates for everyone’s benefit.

Types of Family Offices

Our database was designed as a tool to raise capital and reach UHNW Family Office Investors, we have defined the term “Family Office” to encompass several groups including:

 Our family office lists include the various types of family offices, including: 

Single family offices

A single-family office is a private company or similar entity which exists to fulfill a broad range of tasks on behalf of a single family. They are generally established only by families with a net worth in excess of US$150m and with sufficiently complex affairs to justify the expense – customarily in the order of 80 to 100 basis points of total assets under management (AUM).

Multi family offices

A multi-family office (MFO) is a platform that provides professional services to a group of families or individuals, who share the same team of staff. MFOs provide access to a wide range of experienced professionals and proven processes. Significantly, they are also much more affordable than SFOs. However, it can be the case in some smaller MFOs that one particularly ‘dominant’ family absorbs most of the staff’s time, potentially to the exclusion of the other clients.

Family foundations

A tax-exempt organization that is generally established as either a trust or corporation under state law. Management responsibility rests with directors or trustees, and one of the main distinguishing factors from stand-alone charitable trusts is that private foundations can accept contributions from multiple donors. As a result, private foundations are often used by families seeking to establish a lasting charitable legacy, allowing for family members’ gifts to be pooled and then distributed to outside organizations (or used in-house) at the direction of the foundation.

Family trusts

A family trust is designed to manage assets in accordance with a family’s wishes on behalf of its beneficiaries, usually as part of estate planning. This allows families to set the terms under which their beneficiaries gain access to their share of assets (e.g., collecting inheritance on their 25th birthday or a similar stipulation). 

Asset management 

This is a multi family office where registered investment advisors manage multi family investments. It is focused more on the personal service of individuals. The concept of asset management focuses on developing effective strategies for a family’s wealth. It deals with all financial aspects – financial planning, tax planning, portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, and more.

Who Can Use Our Family Office Lists

Our investor database attracts many companies looking for premium-grade lists of diverse institutional and private investors. Many of our clients use these lists to raise capital in the early to mid stages. Through more targeted lists, the lengthy fundraising process can be reduced. Our C-level contacts are ideal for service providers who find it hard to reach decision-makers. 

Our sophisticated client base includes:

  • Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Managers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Third-Party Marketers
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Business Start-ups
  • Public Companies
  • Luxury Service Providers
  • Co-investors
meeting with family office investor

What to Expect with Family Office Lists

When purchasing any list you should never expect that 100% of the contacts will become your customer. Purchasing a list is an investment and your focus is closing customers to recoup your investment and increase your revenue. Most times you will only need a few customers to make it a successful list.

To help our clients build value and trust before reaching out to family office lists, we have created various educational resources. Through our subscription model, we are able to get to know our customers and understand their unique services and/or investment opportunities so that we can better steer Family Office engagement.

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Our Commitment & Risk-Free Guarantee

Our platform offers a robust collection of data, yet users will find it intuitive and easy to use. Our clients can use our premium family office platform to connect with a sophisticated audience with surprising ease.

Our clients can depend on the accuracy of our data, thanks to the diligence of our research team, whose daily efforts ensure the reliability of the data we present. 

Our customers can benefit from ongoing updates through the platform without paying any additional costs. Customers can have confidence in the reliability of the data, which uses a timestamp to show when the information was last updated. 

We guarantee that each contact is a family office and that the information provided is up-to-date. Should any of our customers discover problems in the data, our platform offers a feature that allows them to flag the data for our research team to review. 

If our research team fails to update this data in a timely manner, the customer is entitled to a full refund for each contact.