How to use our family office lists

Now in its 19th year, Family Office List continues to prove itself as a profitable and time-saving tool to our clients. It is packed with hard-to-find information – the information needed to lay the groundwork for successful relationship building and valuable lead generation. Our family office lists serve as a solid base for you to continue research based on your requirements and needs, to begin initial contact and to develop your own internal database. Working a contact list takes work and perseverance.

How to Effectively Use Our Investor Lists

1. You should never use the list in a mass mailing. This will not only damage the integrity of the list but will most likely classify your server as spamming and block any future contact efforts.

2. Before contacting a potential investor, make sure your offering documents are in order and your pitch or presentation is clear and concise. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and theirs. We offer customers of Family Office preferred pricing on our sister company’s professional prepared private placement memorandums.

3. Best way to raise capital is through personal relationships founded on trust and confidence. Your approach will either begin to build the relationship or break it.

4. Best to contact the investor in a direct personalized LinkedIn message or email. Make it short and to the point. Briefly describe who you are, what you are offering, why they may be interested, how much you need (or want), when the investor may get the investment back and/or what the expected return will be. If you are a fund manager, briefly state your past returns, draw-downs and experience.

5. In ever changing markets, Family Offices prefer to remain open to emerging opportunities. We constantly survey the contacts within our database and have rarely been asked to unsubscribe, in which we adhere. Deal flow is essential and as successful business owners they know a good deal when they see one.

6. With younger generations being included in the investment decisions, we are seeing a shift in tradition. Millennials that find themselves responsible for family offices are taking a new approach when it comes to helming the businesses founded by their parents or grandparents or managing their wealth: they’re more interested in building real, long-term relationships and making purposeful investments in causes they feel strongly about, including within the communities where they live and work. We’re finding they are more open to direct investments outside of their “trusted networks” and that they utilize technology more than ever. We’ve had great success communicating through Linkedin and have therefore recently added a column for contact’s profiles.

Make an Impression

You’ll have one chance to catch their attention so make it count! You have 45 sec to get an investors attention. Sophisticated investors get so much deal flow you have to be clear, concise & quick in proving you’re relevant. If the investor disagrees or doesn’t understand, they move on! Branding & a crystal clear 1-sentence pitch is critical.

Do Your Research

Remember, not all investors invest in everything. If you are interested in raising capital via family offices, you’ll need to do a little research on what industries or types of investments they prefer and target the ones best matched for you. Our database serves as a great platform for you to get started.