Success Strategies for Pitching

We are asked often what the best way to approach Family Offices is. Working from a large platform of contacts is daunting, so use these strategies to set yourself up for success.

  • No two Family Offices are the same. Do your research to understand what makes them unique and customize your pitch so they see the value. 
  • Carefully construct a concise email explaining your unique offering and what sets you apart from your competition. 
  • Focus on ways you can add value to each Family Office you approach. Align yourself in a way that you can first and foremost build a relationship before asking for an investment. 
  • Initiate an opportunity to meet face-to-face instead of simply pitching over email or the phone. We find trust-building through video calls or emails with invitations to meet in person get more responses.
  • Family Offices receive lots of solicitation. They are open to well-suited deal flow, but you need to be “to-the-point” in relaying how your opportunity uniquely benefits them. 

Details pertaining to investment preferences provide those looking to connect with Family Offices HUGE value. For this reason, we have expanded Family Office Lists into a dynamic platform to further engage Family Offices. We hope the value of receiving vetted deals matching parameters the Family Offices themselves have selected will incentivize them to provide details. We currently have expanded details for 35% of our contacts, but we hope to see this % increase over time as we launch into developing this stage of our platform. Some of the Family Offices we network with are reluctant to identify investment sectors because in ever-changing markets they prefer to remain open to emerging opportunities. For those select Family Offices, we hope to showcase opportunities for them to browse in a uniform and efficient manner. For a one-time fee, customers receive access to the platform and all updates for a year. Experience the benefits of our effective platform.