Family Office List Helps Cody James Capital Pitch Crypto to High Net Worth Individuals

Cody Shannon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cody James Capital, a business he launched in July 2021 to educate family offices, high net worth individuals, and other institutional-level investors on how they can safely add cryptocurrency to their portfolios.

We had the opportunity to talk to Shannon about how Family Office List has helped him accelerate targeted lead generation and fundraising efforts. This article will show how his business has benefitted from an ongoing subscription to Family Office List.

Positive Outcomes

  • Shannon used the North American database to build a resource-efficient strategy for pitching to Family Office prospects.
  • Cody James Capital adopted a targeted outreach approach, making it easier to identify family offices interested in investing in digital assets. 
  • By focusing his energy on well-suited prospects, Shannon eliminated the frustration of wasted time for himself and the involved Family Offices.
  • Family Office List helped Shannon land more meetings, outreach email responses, and calls.

“It’s really challenging to find good data all in one space. Family Office List definitely saves me time.” 

 – Cody Shannon, Founder and Managing Partner of Cody James Capital

The Opportunity: Cryptocurrency Management and Education

Cody Shannon hails from a traditional background in finance, having started his career in wealth management with a prominent investment firm. 

Given the popularity boom in digital assets over the past few years, Shannon noticed many family offices and high net-worth investors were starting to receive crypto mandates. Meaning they had a certain amount of cryptocurrency that they needed to add to their balance sheets.

However, many family offices and high net worth individuals lack reliable, trustworthy educational resources to invest in these assets. 

The crypto space is still new, and dangers abound. Whether it’s getting hacked, losing a digital wallet, or getting scammed, it can be a complex world to navigate for investors used to more traditional assets.

Shannon set out to bridge that divide by combining his experience in traditional finance and his passion for cryptocurrency. 

Starting a boutique firm from scratch, as Shannon did, takes courage. This passion is exactly what excites many Family Offices. 

Family offices like to look for opportunities where their own expertise and capital can fuel future growth. The challenge for entrepreneurs like Shannon is making those connections with high-net-worth investors. 

The Challenge: Making Quality Connections with Family Offices

Shannon recognized a need among investors for high-quality guidance on cryptocurrency. 

However, he had difficulty finding and connecting with those investors.

“Some family offices might only focus on real estate, some only might be focus on hedge funds. So, in general, this space is really hard to break into.”

Like many clients looking to break into the Family Office sector, Shannon used LinkedIn and Google without much success. 

“I was wasting time trying to research individuals,” he said, leading to a lack of solid leads. 

“A lot of family offices and high net worth individuals can be secretive; they don’t want to be found,” adds Shannon.  

In order to build a reputable client base, Shannon needed access to investors.

But more than access, he needed powerful filtering capabilities to pinpoint investors interested and open to digital currency opportunities. 

The Result: Organized Outreach and Personalized Pitches

“Prior to having access to Family Office List,” Shannon recalls, “what I would do is kind of like a shot in the dark to find family offices and then identify decision-makers. Family Office List really keeps you organized and reduces the amount of research time for each family office.”

Shannon found higher-quality connections thanks to his access to a large database of reliable information — information that profiles each family office based on their specific investment preferences.

“The main list feature that I use would be the ability to save filtered segments,” says Shannon. 

“For example, I can create a list of single family offices in New York that are only interested in hedge funds. That’s a pretty specific list. I can also star favorite firms and create notes for each contact to stay organized.”

Another worry when reaching out to potential investors is a lack of legitimacy and personalization. When you don’t know much about a family office beyond what you can piece together from a couple of LinkedIn profiles, it can be difficult to come up with a pitch that doesn’t sound generic. 

In that vein, Cody Shannon says that Family Office List helped “make Cody James Capital look more professional.”

“I’m reaching out to a specific family office because I know who I’m looking for, and what the investment criteria is for that family office.”

Being prepared before reaching out to investors is step one. You must first understand the world in which each Family Office is coming from so that you can address relevant pain points and lead with a value-add strategy. That is how Shannon and others have successfully leveraged the Family Office List database. 

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of meetings and responses to emails and calls,” he adds.

In Summary

Behind each family office, there are real people hungry for well-suited deals. Like any other industry, family offices want access to people and opportunities they can understand and trust. 

An ongoing subscription to Family Office List can help you start the conversation by equipping you with reliable, accurate data and well-crafted guides to help you share your story and align with potential investors.  

With these powerful prospecting features in hand, like Cody James Capital, your business can forge our database to build more meaningful relationships.

If you are currently working on any initiatives for which you would like to engage Family Office investors, access to our meticulously maintained family office data will accelerate your outreach. 

Family Office List offers different features to help users organize the data so that it fits their goals, just as Shannon was able to leverage those resources in ways unique to him.

If you’d like help selecting the best Family Office prospects for your business, contact us. We’re here to listen to your objectives and customize a solution.