Creed Venture Partners

While Creed Venture Partners had extensive experience providing capital raising strategic resources, the firm had few family office contacts it could network with to find suitable investors. The firm turned to Family Office List to meet potential family office investors abroad as well as tap into the growing number of family offices interested in impact investing.


● Ability to network and connect with investors in global markets

● Access to local opportunities previously unknown or unavailable

The Client: Creed Venture Partners

“Time is probably our most precious asset. So, to the degree that Family Office List saves us time, that’s incredibly valuable.”

— George, Owner of Creed Venture Partners

Creed Venture Partners is a Boston-born investment brokerage that focuses on impact investing in technology, healthcare, and sustainability. Their services include strategic advisory, strategic consulting, capital raising, consulting, and connections with commercial and strategic alliances. The brokerage’s goal is to partner with entrepreneurs using disruptive technology to address large global markets, helping those entrepreneurs find capital to grow their business.

The Problem: No Family Office Connections

While Creed Venture Partners was able to take advantage of many local funding opportunities in Boston and the United States, the brokerage realized it had little access to investors overseas. The firm needed a way into the world of family offices to successfully find new investment sources for its clients.

“There are many family offices that care about impact investing and about the themes that I’m involved in,” says George Harrington, managing director at Young America Capital and investment banker at Creed Venture Partners.

“Because I come from a largely institutional capital market background, I had very little exposure to family offices during most of my career. Family Office List was a way for me to educate myself and have a resource where I could become introduced to and network with family offices. So, it was a networking tool to a group of possible investors.”

The Need: Access to Family Offices Worldwide

To have more leads in the European and Domestic markets, Creed Venture Partners needed to find a source of qualified family office investors. Since Creed Venture Partners has had little interaction with Family Offices, they required a database that could be easily searchable and would allow them to filter offices based on funding capabilities and interests.

Furthermore, they needed access to a tool that provided them with key family office information to help them dive deep into their research and make an impactful outreach.

The Solution: A List of Global Family Offices

Using Family Office List’s global data and robust filtering tools, Creed Venture Partners was able to identify potential family office investors on a per project basis, sorting by industry and investment size.

Once they had a list of potential family offices, Creed Venture Partners drilled down even further, using the contact information provided by Family Office List for further research. The brokerage found the family office LinkedIn and website links very helpful in discerning each family office’s personality.

“There’s a lot of nuances to figuring out how friendly the [potential investor] is going to be, how open minded they’re going to be with new opportunities,” says Harrington. “So, I find all these [data points and resources] really helpful in determining, ‘Okay, is this going to be a friendly call?’ and just kind of preparing myself for an outreach.”

The Result: New Insights into Perspective Family Offices

“The nature of the platform is one where it saves me an incredible amount of time,” says Harrington. “Time is probably our most precious asset. So, to the degree that Family Office List saves us time, that’s incredibly valuable.”

Creed Venture Partners has taken advantage of the list by tapping into lasting relationships in both local and foreign markets. They now have an efficient way to contact Family Offices that have the capital they need for their impact investment clients. This will allow them to get more projects funded by Family Offices.

In Summary

By buying a Family Office List, Creed Venture Partners increased the number of leads they have access to. The list provided additional insights into potential investment partners to have more strategic outreach initiatives with a higher number of prospects.

Having a well-researched and updated prospective family office list gives brokerages a competitive advantage in the marketplace. If you are interested in learning how Family Office List can help you grow your high-net-worth contacts, contact us today.