Helping Capital2Market Raise $25M for a Sustainable Investment

Business professionals shaking hands

Capital2Market is a private technology investment company founded by Keith Bliss that connects tech start-ups with private capital in a streamlined, efficient way. Bliss was looking to raise $25 million for one of his clients, World Tree, a sustainable Empress Splendor planting and harvesting company primarily based in South America.

The Investment Opportunity

“We have a serious lumber shortage across the globe, and many of the hardwoods that are used for production are close to becoming extinct,” explained Bliss. “The problem is if you plant trees today, they would take 60 years to grow to mature height.”

The Empress Splendor, however, is one of the fastest-growing trees, taking only 10 years to reach maturity without damaging the soil. Helping farmers plant these trees is a great alternative to traditional deforestation practices — which, in turn, helps countries meet their goals of becoming carbon neutral.

“Not only are we doing things to help the lumber market sequester carbon and renourish the planet, but we’re also going into impoverished farming communities and creating generational wealth,” said Bliss. 

World Tree is one of those businesses that coincides well with many of the objectives of ultra-high net worth individuals: it’s ecologically and financially sensible, a great option for investors looking to maximize returns in a way that’s beneficial for the environment. 

Capital2Market just needed to get World Tree in front of the right people willing to invest. In order to do that, they needed to find data that they could trust.

The Challenge: Finding Targeted, Quality Data

“We’ve always known that one of the more prominent constituent investor groups we’d like to attack would be family offices,” said Bliss. “I needed to very quickly get a list of qualified family offices that I could contact on this transaction.” 

Capital2Market knew they needed steady, reliable contact information and the ability to filter that contact information. Furthermore, it needed to be able to seamlessly integrate family office data with its existing outreach software.

That’s how Bliss decided on Family Office List.

“Databases are only as good as the quality of information going into them,” Bliss said. “[You don’t want to] pick up the phone, call somebody, and have them say they’ve never invested in sustainable or an impact investment ever. That’s not good, and [with Family Office List] that’s not been my experience.”

The Solution: Easy-to-Filter Family Office Data

Bliss worked one-on-one with a Family Office List representative to pick the right list option for his objectives. He liked that Family Office List had a dedicated research team that regularly updated the database. Furthermore, he liked how easy it was to filter each family office into segments, allowing Bliss to zero in on exactly what he was searching for. 

Bliss was able to easily and efficiently compile a list of about 130 firms that would be interested in sustainable or impact investments or carbon credits. With that list, he received full contact and business information to help him do his research and learn about the family office before making contact. 

Beyond the actual data itself, Bliss found that the customer service at Family Office List was exceptional.

“I mean every time I reached out to Family Office List — either to ask a question about the database or if I needed help finding a particular segment of investors or family offices, they were fantastic.”

With that first step, Bliss could rest assured that he would be able to contact the offices that would be most receptive to World Tree, without worrying about wasting his time with poor, outdated information — and without having to do as much due diligence to find out if the offices aligned with his industry.

“It’s very much an iterative, ongoing process with people, just like selling anything,” added Bliss. “I’m anticipating good outcomes.”

Setting Capital2Market Up for Success

As Bliss explained, selling anything to anyone is an iterative process. But Family Office List helped Captial2Market begin its fundraising efforts on solid footing, providing reliable and accurate family office data.