3 Tips To Virtually Harness Family Office Opportunities

2020 has presented a pandemic crisis affecting the Global economy. Due to the Coronavirus, several countries are on lockdown, stock markets are tumbling and companies are going bankrupt. It leaves us wondering how are Family Offices reacting, whose primary function it is to preserve the fortune of the world’s wealthiest families. Although risk management and wealth preservation are top priorities, there’s still a drive to harness opportunity and benefit from this changing landscape. Those quick to act are finding various investment opportunities through the Coronavirus: from food and tech stocks to distressed corporate bonds. 

Over the past years, we’ve seen Family Offices embrace technology and move into more virtual work environments. Restrictions mandated by governmental agencies to stop the spread of the virus are putting firms with technology & work-from-home experience at an advantage.

The focus of our Family Office platform has always been to connect customers efficiently with well-suited Family Offices through the use of our cloud-based platform. There are built in filters to target investors with matching investment preferences. Now that conference attendance is “on hold”, tools like our platform, social networking and virtual work solutions are in high demand. 

Insights that we incorporate daily in working virtually: 

  • Get social. Virtually that is! We’ve personally experienced a great success rate by connecting to Family Offices through LinkedIn. Our platform contains active LinkedIn profile links for 90% of contacts and allows a huge time-saver in conducting outreach. Whether you are sourcing new leads, initiating new conversations to existing leads, starting a LinkedIn Group or advertising to users on the site, it’s a great way to build relationships and avoid wasting time on anyone who isn’t your ideal target. The platform provides a mutual level of professionalism and transparency that allows users to learn more on their timeframe/comfort level. Additionally, LinkedIn collects huge amounts of data on its users which can be used by you to target investor leads more effectively than a purely social network. 
  • Get personal. Initiate an opportunity to meet virtually instead of simply pitching over email or the phone. We find trust-building through video calls gets more responses. The best way to raise capital is through personal relationships founded on trust and confidence. In these changing times, Family Offices will be looking to alternate means for connecting and learning more about emerging opportunities. There are many great platforms offering free solutions such as Daily.co which we use for live-chats and screen-shares to demo our platform. 
  • Get organized. Deal flow is essential to Family Offices and as successful business professionals, those at the helm of decision making know a good deal when they see one. Timing is essential and in these ever-changing markets, it is more important than ever to harness unique opportunities when presented. To make it as seamless as possible, we offer customers the ability to schedule calls at their convenience through a platform called Calendly. Prospects can complete customized questions and schedule a time based of pre-selected availability. These scheduled calls become our top priority and we make certain to research & prepare in advance.  

I hope that the tips above will accelerate your investor outreach during these unprecedented times. Sharing these types of ideas is important, and why we are firm believers in implementing them. We would not exist without them.