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Investment banks are always looking for new investors, and family offices offer the opportunity to be the most important clients they could ever have. With Family Office List, investment bankers can forge healthy relationships with ultra-high-net-worth family offices in a non-transactional, long-term way, guaranteeing a wealthy client (or even a group of wealthy clients) for life.

Family Office Lists for Investment Banks

Investment banks are seizing the opportunity to work together with family offices, a growing source of capital across the world. Those same family offices, which are becoming more and more sophisticated, are increasingly likely to do business with personal contacts. In order to stay relevant in a fast-changing world, investment banks need to find ways to build rapport and trust with family offices. Family Office List offers a way to do just that.

Find Family Offices that Need Investment Banks

Even as family offices expand by employing more former private equity managers and high-level financial services workers, their needs are still highly varied and subject to the regulations that investment banks are experienced in dealing with. In short: family offices still need investment banks. Family Office List offers a way to connect with high-ranking professionals in family offices across the world, and those family offices, in certain cases, have a demand for investment banks.

Access Flexible Investing with Family Offices

Family offices control massive amounts of wealth, and the allocation of those funds ultimately comes down to just one person (or a handful of people). When it comes to making investment decisions, family offices don’t have as many obstacles as institutional investors. When you have family office wealth on your side, even if it’s just one client, you could potentially flip a promising deal with just one person’s approval. Even having the option in your back pocket can give you a level of confidence that drives you and your institution to be more successful and less risk-averse. In order to secure those relationships, you need to get your foot in the door, and at Family Office List, we supply you with up-to-date research and contact information of key players in the family office industry.

Tap Into Sophisticated Investor Sources

Family offices are taking on the same tasks that used to be covered by investment banks. Some investment banks might see this as competition, but there’s actually a wealth of opportunity for a synergistic, mutually beneficial relationship. Implementing new systems, hiring relevant professionals, and — in general — engaging in the same strategies as investment banks comes with growing pains, and family offices need people they trust to navigate these unfamiliar waters. By establishing relationships with family offices, those investment banks can help those businesses expand and grow. And, in addition, if there’s anything outside the family office’s capabilities, they’ll know who to contact.

The Right Family Office List for Investment Banks

We cater our lists to individuals in North America, those outside of North America, and those inside and outside North America. Our Global List includes every one of our contacts, giving you the best value for your money. Our North America list only covers family offices in the USA and Canada, and our International List covers all of our contacts except those in North America and Canada.


Contacts worldwide

North America

USA & Canadian contacts


Contacts worldwide excluding USA

Access All Family Office List Classifications

“Family office” is actually a broad category that includes:

  • Single family offices
  • Multi family offices
  • Family foundations
  • Family trusts
  • Asset management (Multi family office where registered investment advisors manage multi family investments)

All of these classifications share the same general characteristics as single-family offices. In the interest of setting our clients up with as many potential interested parties as possible, we include the contact information — as well as the ability to sort by type — for all of the above.

Why Family Office List

Family offices might be a relevant opportunity to you, but why should you use Family Office List, in particular, to secure that information? From 24/7 customer service to a money-back guarantee, there are a myriad of reasons to choose Family Office List to supply you with the data that you’re looking for.

Our support team is ready to answer your questions, and we’ll find a solution for any issue in a timely manner. We’re determined to update all of our information so that our clients can actually get a hold of relevant professionals in influential family offices. If we can’t update that information, you get your money back, 100% guaranteed.

Helping You Perfect Your Outreach

In our more than 20 years of experience observing how our clients contact family offices, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We don’t want anyone who purchases our lists to engage family offices in a way that isn’t mutually beneficial. We’ve written a short guide on how to use our lists.