How LivBrook Capital Jumpstarted Its Networking

LivBrook Capital is an apartment multifamily investment company that focuses on delivering value to investors by elevating communities across the Sunbelt States.

We sat down with Matt Wilson, Founder, and David Harrison, Managing Partner, to discuss how Family Office List has helped them expand their network, bringing them closer to achieving their fundraising goals.

Positive Outcomes

  • Family Office List helped LivBrook connect with family offices in North America, creating targeted lists of exactly the type of family office that might be interested in what LivBrook has to offer.
  • In contacting those offices, LivBrook learned more about perfecting their approach, ensuring that they have an offering memorandum and an active investment that needs funding.
  • LivBrook’s community-focused strategy makes them an attractive option for many family offices, something they’re poised to capitalize on in the near future.

“[With Family Office List,] you don’t have to really do a lot of research to connect with family offices. We have their email or LinkedIn or name or address or phone number, what their goals are. So I mean, that takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the way.”

David Harrison, Partner

LivBrook: An Apartment Investment Company Focused on Profit through Positive Community Engagement

LivBrook acquires properties with a focus on improving and learning from the local community. Their target market spans across the Sun Belt to Florida.

“There’s a high correlation between providing a resident focused community and retention rates. This symbiotic relationship is what drives Livbrook’s investment strategy’s and creates socially minded return profile for investors,” says Wilson.

In this vein, LivBrook has a social focus that aligns with many family offices’ core values.

While great returns are always an important piece of the puzzle, many investors are beginning to emphasize those investments’ social and environmental impact.

LivBrook hopes to lift communities and people through profitable, value-add investing, creating a positive feedback loop.

“We’re not just income-driven, and we’re not just return-based, just like family offices. Family offices have ethical concerns just like us. We want to do business with good people for good reasons,” says Harrison.

The Opportunity: Expand Their Network To Go Beyond Mid-Level Investments

LivBrook wanted access to family offices in order to build more capital so that they could focus on bigger investments. That’s why they initially partnered with Family Office List: to focus on capital outreach.

“We previously worked with private high net worth individuals and institutional partners. We hadn’t really tapped into the family office space prior. Family Office List allowed for us to expand our capital network.” says Harrison.

With this goal in mind, LivBrook set out to find family offices specifically interested in real estate.

They found that Family Office List’s filter feature helped them narrow in on exactly what they were looking for – and it even helped them gather personal information to craft a perfect pitch.

“I really like that you get information on what they do, what they focus on, and what their philanthropy goals are. And then when they’re not working, how they like to spend their free time, if they like to ski or if they like to sail or hike. It’s nice to be able to have that connection instead of going in blind,” says Harrison.

Danielle, the Director of Family Office List, even helped them narrow down their list to only include family offices interested in investing in real estate, personalizing the data just for them.

The Result: From Perfecting their Pitch & Outreach

LivBrook is using Family Office List to help fund current projects. As they started talking to family offices, they realized something: In addition to general networking, they also needed to be able to offer the offices a current investment.

“What a lot of them seem to have said is, ‘What do you have for me now?” says Harrison.

In addition to using lists to build long-term relationships, LivBrook also used lists to find immediate funding from family offices ready to invest. LivBrook has the capabilities to quickly drill down and target family offices that match in terms of industry or interest

Family Office List helped them get their foot in the door, and they’ve built on the momentum from that initial introduction.

All in all, Family Office List is helping LivBrook find more potential investors. Now that the relationships have been established and the trust is there, raising capital when an active opportunity presents itself will be much easier.

The future value of these relationships is that family offices offer patient capital and reinvest with those they trust. They will be great assets in executing LivBrook’s plan to acquire more properties and build better communities.

If you are a family office and you are currently interested in investing with LivBrook – or you’d like to be contacted about other similar opportunities for assets that fit your portfolio, feel free to reach out to us.

Cody Shannon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Cody James Capital, a business he launched in July 2021 to educate family offices, high net worth individuals, and other institutional-level investors on how they can safely add cryptocurrency to their portfolios.

We had the opportunity to talk to Shannon about how Family Office List has helped him accelerate targeted lead generation and fundraising efforts. This article will show how his business has benefitted from an ongoing subscription to Family Office List.

Positive Outcomes

  • Shannon used the North American database to build a resource-efficient strategy for pitching to Family Office prospects.
  • Cody James Capital adopted a targeted outreach approach, making it easier to identify family offices interested in investing in digital assets. 
  • By focusing his energy on well-suited prospects, Shannon eliminated the frustration of wasted time for himself and the involved Family Offices.
  • Family Office List helped Shannon land more meetings, outreach email responses, and calls.

“It’s really challenging to find good data all in one space. Family Office List definitely saves me time.” 

 – Cody Shannon, Founder and Managing Partner of Cody James Capital

The Opportunity: Cryptocurrency Management and Education

Cody Shannon hails from a traditional background in finance, having started his career in wealth management with a prominent investment firm. 

Given the popularity boom in digital assets over the past few years, Shannon noticed many family offices and high net-worth investors were starting to receive crypto mandates. Meaning they had a certain amount of cryptocurrency that they needed to add to their balance sheets.

However, many family offices and high net worth individuals lack reliable, trustworthy educational resources to invest in these assets. 

The crypto space is still new, and dangers abound. Whether it’s getting hacked, losing a digital wallet, or getting scammed, it can be a complex world to navigate for investors used to more traditional assets.

Shannon set out to bridge that divide by combining his experience in traditional finance and his passion for cryptocurrency. 

Starting a boutique firm from scratch, as Shannon did, takes courage. This passion is exactly what excites many Family Offices. 

Family offices like to look for opportunities where their own expertise and capital can fuel future growth. The challenge for entrepreneurs like Shannon is making those connections with high-net-worth investors. 

The Challenge: Making Quality Connections with Family Offices

Shannon recognized a need among investors for high-quality guidance on cryptocurrency. 

However, he had difficulty finding and connecting with those investors.

“Some family offices might only focus on real estate, some only might be focus on hedge funds. So, in general, this space is really hard to break into.”

Like many clients looking to break into the Family Office sector, Shannon used LinkedIn and Google without much success. 

“I was wasting time trying to research individuals,” he said, leading to a lack of solid leads. 

“A lot of family offices and high net worth individuals can be secretive; they don’t want to be found,” adds Shannon.  

In order to build a reputable client base, Shannon needed access to investors.

But more than access, he needed powerful filtering capabilities to pinpoint investors interested and open to digital currency opportunities. 

The Result: Organized Outreach and Personalized Pitches

“Prior to having access to Family Office List,” Shannon recalls, “what I would do is kind of like a shot in the dark to find family offices and then identify decision-makers. Family Office List really keeps you organized and reduces the amount of research time for each family office.”

Shannon found higher-quality connections thanks to his access to a large database of reliable information — information that profiles each family office based on their specific investment preferences.

“The main list feature that I use would be the ability to save filtered segments,” says Shannon. 

“For example, I can create a list of single family offices in New York that are only interested in hedge funds. That’s a pretty specific list. I can also star favorite firms and create notes for each contact to stay organized.”

Another worry when reaching out to potential investors is a lack of legitimacy and personalization. When you don’t know much about a family office beyond what you can piece together from a couple of LinkedIn profiles, it can be difficult to come up with a pitch that doesn’t sound generic. 

In that vein, Cody Shannon says that Family Office List helped “make Cody James Capital look more professional.”

“I’m reaching out to a specific family office because I know who I’m looking for, and what the investment criteria is for that family office.”

Being prepared before reaching out to investors is step one. You must first understand the world in which each Family Office is coming from so that you can address relevant pain points and lead with a value-add strategy. That is how Shannon and others have successfully leveraged the Family Office List database. 

“I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of meetings and responses to emails and calls,” he adds.

In Summary

Behind each family office, there are real people hungry for well-suited deals. Like any other industry, family offices want access to people and opportunities they can understand and trust. 

An ongoing subscription to Family Office List can help you start the conversation by equipping you with reliable, accurate data and well-crafted guides to help you share your story and align with potential investors.  

With these powerful prospecting features in hand, like Cody James Capital, your business can forge our database to build more meaningful relationships.

If you are currently working on any initiatives for which you would like to engage Family Office investors, access to our meticulously maintained family office data will accelerate your outreach. 

Family Office List offers different features to help users organize the data so that it fits their goals, just as Shannon was able to leverage those resources in ways unique to him.

If you’d like help selecting the best Family Office prospects for your business, contact us. We’re here to listen to your objectives and customize a solution.

London-based Conrad Family Office is one of our valued family offices with a robust international presence. Recently, Conrad Family Office began a real estate lending initiative in Guernsey, one of the islands on the English Channel near the coast of France. We caught up with John Clifford, Managing Director of Conrad Family Office, on how Family Office List is helping the firm achieve positive outcomes in its Real Estate lending plans.

Positive Outcomes

  • Family Office List helped Conrad Family Office make valuable introductions both within the United States as well as the United Kingdom.
  • These initial introductions have subsequently led to second- and third-degree connections that are helping to accelerate interest in the Guernsey lending initiative.
  • Family Office List’s relationship-driven approach has yielded a compounding effect on the growth of the Guernsey lending network.

“Of all the Family Office list businesses we have been involved with, [Family Office List] is by far the best that we have dealt with”

-John Clifford, Managing Director of Conrad Family Office

Conrad Family Office: Decades of Experience Spanning the Globe

Conrad Family Office has decades of experience in the Family Office space.  

Headquartered in London, Conrad Family Office has long maintained a vast network of senior-level London connections. As a result, Conrad Family Office’s reach spans both domestic and international clientele.

Clifford emphasizes the reciprocal approach Conrad Family Office takes in its practice. For each initiative, one of the primary goals is to put together a strategic team of partners with complementary skill sets to achieve the best result for that initiative. Clifford explained that their Family Office initiative starts with the question, “How can we help you?” And if that initiative is better suited elsewhere, Conrad Family Office still helps by making the best match possible.

The Opportunity: Diving Deeper into the Guernsey Initiative

Conrad Family Office has known for some time that a Real Estate lending initiative, with a Guernsey focus, would present some challenges, as Guernsey’s regulatory environment is more nuanced and somewhat stricter compared to other Real Estate regulatory environments.

In addition to navigating Guernsey’s regulatory environment, Conrad also had to navigate the unfolding changes brought by Brexit as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most initiatives, surprises are to be expected and tackled head-on.

In order to rise to the challenge presented by real estate lending in Guernsey and the accompanying current event caveats, Conrad Family Office knew it would need to put together a strategic team of partners with complementary skill sets.

The Result: Family Office List Helped Increase Networks for the Guernsey Initiative

From the Conrad Family Office point of view, Family Office List was quite different from other firms in a good way. Conrad Family Office views network building & business in general, as a journey rather than a race.

As a Family Office, it continuously receives invitations to Family Office events around the world. Instead of walking away with bags of promotional items and a receipt for a $5,000 event ticket, Conrad Family Office prefers a more human and reciprocal approach.

With Family Office List, Clifford has regular direct communication with Danielle Patterson, co-founder of Family Office List. Patterson checks in with Clifford frequently to confirm what initiatives Conrad are working on and how she can best assist.

Specifically, Conrad Family Office appreciates the highly personalized approach taken by Family Office List.

“We have different involvement with different parts of the world, whether it’s Washington, Geneva, Monaco, Dubai,” said Clifford. “If we were doing something, Danielle would announce it [to her network] for us — she’s done that in the past. And willingly, I would say. It’s nothing conditional. … It’s been more of a ‘We’d be delighted to do that.’ That’s refreshing.”

Conrad Family Office prefers a more private, bespoke approach to networking rather than one-time, catch-all events. Likewise, Family Office List prefers one-to-one, long-term relationship building based on proven value over time to build its network.

In the case of Conrad’s Guernsey initiative, Family Office List’s personalized, hands-on approach to networking is helping to accelerate the network Conrad Family Office is building for its Real Estate lending business in Guernsey.

“[Danielle] introduced us to a Real Estate and investment business who are quite interesting people, who themselves have introduced us to other people,” said Clifford.

If you are a Family Office and you are currently working on any initiatives for which you would like additional network-building support, feel free to reach out to us.

While Creed Venture Partners had extensive experience providing capital raising strategic resources, the firm had few family office contacts it could network with to find suitable investors. The firm turned to Family Office List to meet potential family office investors abroad as well as tap into the growing number of family offices interested in impact investing.


● Ability to network and connect with investors in global markets

● Access to local opportunities previously unknown or unavailable

The Client: Creed Venture Partners

“Time is probably our most precious asset. So, to the degree that Family Office List saves us time, that’s incredibly valuable.”

— George, Owner of Creed Venture Partners

Creed Venture Partners is a Boston-born investment brokerage that focuses on impact investing in technology, healthcare, and sustainability. Their services include strategic advisory, strategic consulting, capital raising, consulting, and connections with commercial and strategic alliances. The brokerage’s goal is to partner with entrepreneurs using disruptive technology to address large global markets, helping those entrepreneurs find capital to grow their business.

The Problem: No Family Office Connections

While Creed Venture Partners was able to take advantage of many local funding opportunities in Boston and the United States, the brokerage realized it had little access to investors overseas. The firm needed a way into the world of family offices to successfully find new investment sources for its clients.

“There are many family offices that care about impact investing and about the themes that I’m involved in,” says George Harrington, managing director at Young America Capital and investment banker at Creed Venture Partners.

“Because I come from a largely institutional capital market background, I had very little exposure to family offices during most of my career. Family Office List was a way for me to educate myself and have a resource where I could become introduced to and network with family offices. So, it was a networking tool to a group of possible investors.”

The Need: Access to Family Offices Worldwide

To have more leads in the European and Domestic markets, Creed Venture Partners needed to find a source of qualified family office investors. Since Creed Venture Partners has had little interaction with Family Offices, they required a database that could be easily searchable and would allow them to filter offices based on funding capabilities and interests.

Furthermore, they needed access to a tool that provided them with key family office information to help them dive deep into their research and make an impactful outreach.

The Solution: A List of Global Family Offices

Using Family Office List’s global data and robust filtering tools, Creed Venture Partners was able to identify potential family office investors on a per project basis, sorting by industry and investment size.

Once they had a list of potential family offices, Creed Venture Partners drilled down even further, using the contact information provided by Family Office List for further research. The brokerage found the family office LinkedIn and website links very helpful in discerning each family office’s personality.

“There’s a lot of nuances to figuring out how friendly the [potential investor] is going to be, how open minded they’re going to be with new opportunities,” says Harrington. “So, I find all these [data points and resources] really helpful in determining, ‘Okay, is this going to be a friendly call?’ and just kind of preparing myself for an outreach.”

The Result: New Insights into Perspective Family Offices

“The nature of the platform is one where it saves me an incredible amount of time,” says Harrington. “Time is probably our most precious asset. So, to the degree that Family Office List saves us time, that’s incredibly valuable.”

Creed Venture Partners has taken advantage of the list by tapping into lasting relationships in both local and foreign markets. They now have an efficient way to contact Family Offices that have the capital they need for their impact investment clients. This will allow them to get more projects funded by Family Offices.

In Summary

By buying a Family Office List, Creed Venture Partners increased the number of leads they have access to. The list provided additional insights into potential investment partners to have more strategic outreach initiatives with a higher number of prospects.

Having a well-researched and updated prospective family office list gives brokerages a competitive advantage in the marketplace. If you are interested in learning how Family Office List can help you grow your high-net-worth contacts, contact us today.  

BARNES New York tapped into the products and services offered by Family Office List, targeting high-end clientele interested in luxury real estate. While BARNES was well-established in France, Switzerland and other European markets, opportunities in new markets were needed to continue the growth of the business and its brand. New family offices were introduced to BARNES through the Family Office List’s database, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Successful Outcomes

  • Reduction in cost-per-lead and other marketing expenses
  • Increase in sales conversion rates and sales revenue
  • Increased office efficiency and productivity without increased headcount

“I started putting in place a more proactive strategy, and as the first step, I acquired (Family Office List) solutions to get a better understanding of the landscape.”

—Yann Rousseau, Managing Director of BARNES New York

The Client: BARNES New York

The BARNES Group, and BARNES International Realty, include an integrated network of 100 agencies located in over 20 countries. The company focuses on luxury real estate in the world’s top destinations, leveraging its well-known real estate brokerage to network with buyers and property owners. Services offered by BARNES include exclusive property sales, private offices, investment realty, life annuities, property management, renovations and interior design. Much of the company’s business comes from family offices.

The Problem: How to Expand to New Markets

BARNES is well-established in France, Switzerland and in other European markets. The company wanted to expand its reach into new markets cost-effectively and efficiently. Finding new family offices with sufficient disposable income, or investment funds, presented a challenge.

The Need: High-Quality Global Leads

To connect with clients in new countries and markets, BARNES needed a vetted list of family offices to use as leads. This database of offices needed to be comprehensive and up-to-date, so that new clients could continually be identified. Since the majority of BARNES’ clientele includes family offices, Family Office List seemed the ideal solution. For BARNES to expand its business and gain brand recognition in new countries, a service provider with target market data was needed.

The Solution: A List of Global Family Offices

BARNES purchased access to the global platform and went through the list, targeting countries where family offices were not previously known. Leveraging this global list and exporting the data to Excel for distribution to agents allowed BARNES to identify potential leads and new clientele. It also made it easier for BARNES to match agents with new clientele based on language and other preferences. Notably BARNES operates natively in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese and Arabic. Given that the Family Office List’s data is continuously updated, it provides an ongoing source of potential leads.

The Result: New Relationships with Luxury Real Estate Investors

BARNES was successful in identifying new luxury real estate clientele in previously unexplored markets around the globe, giving the company an edge over its competition. It allowed for expansion of the business and its brand in an efficient manner while improving performance metrics across the business.

BARNES’ cost-per-lead and similar marketing costs decreased as a result of the condensed and well-screened family office list. Similarly, sales conversion rates improved as did sales revenue, because agents could focus on the right target market. The overall productivity of the business improved without additional headcount.

In Summary

BARNES New York is expanding its luxury real estate brokerage into new markets and is looking to serve family office clientele. BARNES is succeeding in its endeavors by leveraging Family Office List for target market data. The potential client list provided to BARNES served as the catalyst for new introductions, networking and business opportunities. This included the sale of residential and commercial properties, allowing BARNES’ personnel to draw on a wide spectrum of skills and connections to satisfy customer requirements.

To learn more about Family Office List and the benefit of working with family offices for luxury real estate transactions, please contact us today. Having a well-researched and updated prospective client list gives service providers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Capital2Market is a private technology investment company founded by Keith Bliss that connects tech start-ups with private capital in a streamlined, efficient way. Bliss was looking to raise $25 million for one of his clients, World Tree, a sustainable Empress Splendor planting and harvesting company primarily based in South America.

The Investment Opportunity

“We have a serious lumber shortage across the globe, and many of the hardwoods that are used for production are close to becoming extinct,” explained Bliss. “The problem is if you plant trees today, they would take 60 years to grow to mature height.”

The Empress Splendor, however, is one of the fastest-growing trees, taking only 10 years to reach maturity without damaging the soil. Helping farmers plant these trees is a great alternative to traditional deforestation practices — which, in turn, helps countries meet their goals of becoming carbon neutral.

“Not only are we doing things to help the lumber market sequester carbon and renourish the planet, but we’re also going into impoverished farming communities and creating generational wealth,” said Bliss. 

World Tree is one of those businesses that coincides well with many of the objectives of ultra-high net worth individuals: it’s ecologically and financially sensible, a great option for investors looking to maximize returns in a way that’s beneficial for the environment. 

Capital2Market just needed to get World Tree in front of the right people willing to invest. In order to do that, they needed to find data that they could trust.

The Challenge: Finding Targeted, Quality Data

“We’ve always known that one of the more prominent constituent investor groups we’d like to attack would be family offices,” said Bliss. “I needed to very quickly get a list of qualified family offices that I could contact on this transaction.” 

Capital2Market knew they needed steady, reliable contact information and the ability to filter that contact information. Furthermore, it needed to be able to seamlessly integrate family office data with its existing outreach software.

That’s how Bliss decided on Family Office List.

“Databases are only as good as the quality of information going into them,” Bliss said. “[You don’t want to] pick up the phone, call somebody, and have them say they’ve never invested in sustainable or an impact investment ever. That’s not good, and [with Family Office List] that’s not been my experience.”

The Solution: Easy-to-Filter Family Office Data

Bliss worked one-on-one with a Family Office List representative to pick the right list option for his objectives. He liked that Family Office List had a dedicated research team that regularly updated the database. Furthermore, he liked how easy it was to filter each family office into segments, allowing Bliss to zero in on exactly what he was searching for. 

Bliss was able to easily and efficiently compile a list of about 130 firms that would be interested in sustainable or impact investments or carbon credits. With that list, he received full contact and business information to help him do his research and learn about the family office before making contact. 

Beyond the actual data itself, Bliss found that the customer service at Family Office List was exceptional.

“I mean every time I reached out to Family Office List — either to ask a question about the database or if I needed help finding a particular segment of investors or family offices, they were fantastic.”

With that first step, Bliss could rest assured that he would be able to contact the offices that would be most receptive to World Tree, without worrying about wasting his time with poor, outdated information — and without having to do as much due diligence to find out if the offices aligned with his industry.

“It’s very much an iterative, ongoing process with people, just like selling anything,” added Bliss. “I’m anticipating good outcomes.”

Setting Capital2Market Up for Success

As Bliss explained, selling anything to anyone is an iterative process. But Family Office List helped Captial2Market begin its fundraising efforts on solid footing, providing reliable and accurate family office data.