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(All contacts located in USA & Canada)

Our clients, ranging from fund managers, traders, investment bankers, to private wealth management firms have utilized our lists of family office contacts to successfully raise capital or enhance marketing efforts. They have experienced how a small handful of family offices can significantly grow an investment firm or high net worth related service.

  • 2,623 high-level contacts representing 1,376 individual Family Office Firms located in the USA & Canada (145 contacts/86 firms Canada + 2,101 contacts/1,069 USA)
  • 2,559 direct emails & 1,055 secondary emails
  • Data available immediately in Excel & through the platform
  • Ability to export data to Excel at any time
  • Live-time updates included free of charge for 12 months
  • The contacts within our lists are classified and include the following:
    • Family Office Type Classification (SMO, MFO, etc)
    • Name of Family Office
    • 1-3 High-Level Contacts Listed per Firm with Titles
    • Direct Phone & Email: 99%
    • LinkedIn: 90%
    • Website: 95%
    • Address: Country, City, State & Zip
    • Company Description: 100%
    • AUM: 30% (Web Platform only)
    • Deal Structure Preference: 60% (Web Platform only)
    • Typical Deal Size: 60% (Web Platform only)
    • Industry Sector: 60% (Web Platform only)
    • Desired Geography: 60% (Web Platform only)
    • Access to ongoing updates (Web Platform only)

Data Coverage

Family Office Classification

amily offices are a rapidly growing segment of the global financial and investment world. There are many types of family offices typically formed after the sale of a family business or a realization of significant wealth. Many function as private wealth management firms that service ultra-high net worth investors. Family offices can offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment activities of ultra-high net worth investors. Our database was created with the intent to help professionals raise capital. It contains a column indicating the type of Family Office. Classification includes Single Family Offices, Multi Family Offices or “Other” which encompasses the following groups:

  • Single Investor Private Equity Firms
  • Single Investor Hedge/Venture Capital funds
  • Select Family Foundations (family controlled)
  • Select Family Trusts
  • Multi-family firm where registered investment advisors manage multifamily investments